Choosing a fragrances

As a start it is wise to take the assumption off the table of what a fragrance is.Basically my view is that it is a common name/generic to mean perfume. It is a global namespace which breaks down to perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and finally Eau de Cologne.

Think about the name fragrance as you may think of the name vehicle where a vehicle could be a car, lorry, track, you get the drift. TatiaEstévezna  article details more of the different types of fragrance that are there which generally list to four commonly known types by most:

Fragrances: What is the difference between “perfume”, “eau de toilette” and “cologne”?

The base of any perfume you can buy in the shops will be the ‘perfume essence’, this is what actually makes the smell. This is a combination of essential oils (cedar wood, lime, sandalwood etc), absolutes (jasmine, rose, neroli), animal extracts (musk, ambergris) and synthetic fragrance (this could be nearly anything).

This base perfume essence would actually not be that attractive by itself and in some cases would be actually unpleasant. It is too concentrated, so it needs to be diluted and this is done with alcohol and water.

Fragrances come in many forms and have many different names but generally the main four categories. Read more…

Now that you know different types of fragrances, lots of people question just how to determine what kind of fragrance to buy.  Antonio Centeno has the details:

A Man’s Guide to Fragrance: How to Choose and Wear Cologne

Scientific studies suggest that a man can naturally select the cologne that works best with his natural body scent.
Let me stress this point: you are the best person to determine which scent suits you.

Don’t let others choose for you — there is a reason why gift scents sit unused for years.

Instead, use the opinions of others to reinforce or question your decision. Only if multiple people tell you your scent is off or a poor choice should you try something else.

Also don’t blind buy, which is when you purchase a cologne on someone’s recommendation without trying it yourself.

The best method to find a new fragrance is to test if the perfume complements your natural body odor in person over the period of a day. Read more…

In conclusion most people both male and female decide what fragrance to buy based on past encounters, lets say it’s with people they have interacted with meaning they try to get a cologne just like the one Bob wears or like what Aunt Lucy wears without much information needed to guide them to what really fits them. With this article, I hope it sheds a few insights of the basics of a perfume and what to consider before buying a perfume.

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