The Industrial Furniture

After the second world war, there rose the industrial era with an increase in wealth and a rise in the middle and wealthy class which gave room for improved homes and need of comfort. This need gave birth to the industrial vintage furniture which was composed of mostly unfinished wood, exposed metal and copper


Some highlights include raw wood tables, bold metal and wood bar stools, Edison ceiling lamps, and crate shelves. Despite the bold, strong angles and rough mechanical parts, you’ll find that many of the pieces are adaptable to other interior design styles. Applying a modern twist to a nostalgic style…

Bold metal as mentioned above clearly shows the origination of these types of furniture where it was meant for office and factory setting but as we all know familiarity breeds contempt, there rose a modern industrial furniture design which when combined with a creative interior design brings forth the vintage feel once inside a house that incorporates this design. The combination of mid-century furniture makes the industrial aesthetic shine forth

What interior looks at is aspects like exposed metal beams which bring out the mechanical elements of the structure with a slight touch of earthy wood, warm and neutral colors giving a warm feel to the exposed room whose floor is a polished, concrete which could be or preferably be wood polish. The lighting embraces floor lamps and tracks lights creating the ambiance which blends all these aspects into a grand finish off as an industrial interior which is currently been embraced by many.

All those exposed structural elements would be overwhelming if not for softness-infusing décor used in industrial home design. Plush couches, scatter cushions and rugs bring visual balance by sharply contrasting with the industrial features.

Plants also bring warmth in the contemporary industrial design. When it comes to plants, the bigger the better is the formula to adopt for industrial design, otherwise they would be lost in the large space. Read more at

Due to their scarcity from the 1970’s, those whose conditions are intact still fetch some good money when they get a buyer looking to revive the look in the environment they are in. As mentioned in TRACING THE FASCINATING HISTORY OF VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE;

as long as somebody was willing to maintain and restore the furniture, vintage industrial furniture has been in demand. And, over time, the style and functional design of vintage industrial came to again be appreciated for what it was; functional and yet aesthetically pleasing.
In an ironic fashion, these pieces of furniture that were originally designed for mass-manufacturing now are limited in availability and rarely found in good shape.

In conclusion, this is not a case of archiving old metallic furniture in the name of getting the good old industrial groove back but more of a combination of art and skill, taking into consideration the detail in the room. Remember, this is more of an interior design thing that capitalizes on space and room. Additional plants preferably large ones make the entire piece worth admiring and living in. Below are 26 industrial styles one can input in your home.

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