IT Software Manufacturers focusing on SMEs In Kenya Today.

What exactly lacks in this market is like chasing wind. There are so many software that any start up will be looking for a needle in a  haystack somewhere in the jungle of google search. The fall back plan is; get an excel sheet and damp what is needed there. Things will sort themselves out.

Yes we have computers but do we have the tools to automate what we do or did manually to capitalize the resource called a computer? Most start ups and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will proudly say they are digital but are they? One company that has locally built its systems to create suites relevant to the industry is Comsoft Limited.

Ask yourself a series of questions like:

  1. Does my company heavily rely on Excel sheets?
  2. Do I have to keep consolidating my invoices manually into the system?
  3. Can I get my reports when prompted or do I have to run back to records to summarize it all by myself?
  4. Do you stack files of records that steal office space?
  5. During auditing, do you manually keep searching for invoice numbers through piles of files.

Comsoft Limited As a Leading Example

Comsoft Limited is a Kenyan owned software company targeting small to medium enterprises and startup companies who want to automate their management and services. The automation enables the company to generate timely reports that assist in decision making. It was initiated in 2004 and has a team that look into the sale and after sale cycle including implementation and services to startups and small to medium busiess enterprises that purchase their systems.

The main objective is for the end user to consolidate all their records under one platform that eases their work, creating room for them to focus on strategy and maximize profits. Comsoft Solutions limited has total ownership of the product and all the intellectual property as each software product as a EULA – End User License Agreement

What Services does CS Limited offer?

CS Ltd offers value to the customer with 3 modules:

  1. Management
  2. Payroll
  3. Financials

Each module can be implemented as:

  1. A whole integrated system.
  2. A sub system.
  3. Or individual module depending on the client requirements.

The value add will come in form of training, consultancy, support, outsourcing and project management.

What products are these?

Comsoft Limited abbreviated as CS has five (5) distinct products under its portfolio which include:

  1. CS BMS – Comsoft Business Management Suite. To intergrate all your account records, client records, tax returns, employee payroll etc.
  2. CS CMS – Commonly looking into clinics and Medical care
  3. CS FMS – Catering the farms and all the records pertained in the business.
  4. CS PMS – Looking into the property Management by carefully detailing tenant details and records.
  5. CS SNL – Focusing on Savings, loans disbursed, interest generated, loan repayments portfolio and any other fees. These are all done in SACCOs.

In a nutshell, each product will provide the following:

  1. Serve as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning tool) it includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services, automate billing, expenses, general ledger modules, payrolls and cashbooks.
  2. The product streamlines operations hence increasing efficiency.
  3. User friendly graphic User Interface making it easy to setup within hours and provision of learning materials and manuals.

 Any Stakeholders involved?

There are three (3) major stakeholders that CS Limited has opened doors to and these are

  1. Resellers
  2. Agents
  3. Consultants

Each is given a different package in terms of commission per user license.


It is not expensive to invest in your company through the purchase of these systems. In fact look at them as assets necessary to smoothen operations within the organziation. These software are legit and grow with your company. Make the right decision today by visiting to book your business suite.



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