When Do You Wear a Cologne?

It is a weekend, finalizing on the week’s jumble with a decision to either chill out and close business early as the lazy mood kicks in with just a little excitement to take the evening a notch higher and surely without fail, there comes that one phone call which ultimately drops your guard and in a split second you are there jumping in the shower, hitting your favorite playlist, spinning around as the warm water drops hit your skin.

It’s at this point the what to wear question pops up which ultimately gets you to that state of confusion of what to match with what. For a guy sometimes it also get’s tricky but guys know what will pump the mood and it all falls down to how fresh your aroma is. That is key when choosing a fragrance.

Case in point, you are heading out with friends and you want to keep the freshness on you which is not too loud but with just enough tone on your skin, will leave a lasting image to whoever you would like to impress that particular time.

Most Eau de Toilette wear out in a few hours (two hours at most) leaving you worse than you even started so wearing one is paramount to how the evening can end up of which you may want to end it on a light note, sending a fruity citrus touch, in the beginning, a soft tone of wood and marine wear as time goes on and an amber, musk, spice feel at the end of the smashing night out.

dunhilldisureblueedtManhattan Worldwide Perfumes Inc

Some Desire Blue Colognes last much longer than others

People with dry skin usually find their Desire Blue Cologne holding time shorter than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance. PH levels (amount of acidity in our skin) also vary slightly from person to person. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in Desire Blue will react.

Source: http://www.myperfumesource.com/MDESIREBLUEPAGE.htm

Known for its citric scent and oceanic smear, it is most worn during the day during a summer warm day since it blends very well with oily skin which holds its fragrance for a long time. The longevity of Dunhill Desire Blue is what has kept it up the ladder for a very long time keeping in mind it first came to scene in the early years of 2000. (2002).

It may not do so well in an enclosed environment though so wearing it to the office during those meetings would not be a recommended fix as it will clash with the mood of the day since it is a more lively or loud perfume so be careful applying too much which may work against you.

Yes, I hate the smell of orange blossom with a passion, and Desire Blue contains A LOT of orange blossom, but for some reason it works. I am amazed that I actually like this fragrance, with its soapy sweet smell and blue color. Stuff like this is usually my idea of hell.
The reason this is so good is because everything is blended tastefully and not heavy-handedly, and the resulting smell is so uplifting and cheerful, I can’t resist it. This is NOT an aquatic fragrance. It contains an aquatic note, but it’s in the background, tastefully added and blended so as to merely give lightness and lift to the soapy sweetness of the orange blossom. It truly is a flanker of Desire For Man, only lighter and less sweet. Desire Blue also has a strong green smell, and added to the sweetness, it ends up smelling a lot like Greenbriar by Caswell-Massey, another good fragrance I have.
Desire Blue may not be unique at all, but it has a smell that puts a smile on my face. How can I not give it a positive rating?

Rating from shamu1

Reviews of Desire Blue by Dunhill from Basenotes

Locally (Kenya), it is priced for about Ksh 7000 depending on where you shop but it’s around that figure. I personally picked it up during this hot season and also to experiment what Dunhill has to offer. Who knows, I may pick the Dunhill Icon or Dunhill London. Until then, I picked the below review for Dunhill Icon.
Stay tuned, enjoy!!



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