Dior Sauvage – The ladies choice

Dior Sauvage is one of those perfumes that attracts attention that you never really asked for. I am cueing at the supermarket and there are two ladies behind me who keep giggling. This gets my attention so I turn back to see both of them staring at me. The moment my eyes locked with one of them (or was it both), they “pretended” to be shy but a minute later I get a tap on my shoulder. One of them asks what cologne I am wearing and my response is a blank face (just for a sec; trying to recall the name). A quick shake and the response is Dior Sauvage (with the proper pronunciation it is a bonus). Later on, I was beating my head on the wall as to why I didn’t get any of their contacts – cliche?

Sauvage was released in 2015. There are too many negative critics about the cologne and the main reason is that it comes from the Christian Dior family. They are known to have a really strong, masculine perfume class but this one does not really deliver the strength as compared to its family Dior. The nose behind this is no other than Francois Demachy.

Unique characteristics of Sauvage Dior


This is very synthetic but you will feel the metallic taste ringing behind your mind. Not so much but evident enough for you to accept it as it fades. It could be the presence of ambroxan but you will notice a metallic taste to it.


This is the component that gives that warm buzz once you inhale it. It is a very delicate balance felt in the blend which really gets your attention as you inhale it. it is one of the top notes once you apply it on your skin.


Have you ever used one of those lotions that give you a chill? This cologne gives you that effect as you spray it on your skin. It is quite refreshing, especially during hot days or mornings.


We are looking at pepper (pink pepper and Sichuan Pepper), lavender, Geranium, Patchouli, Vetiver, elemi and Geranium. These act as the middle notes. Middle notes are what remains after the top notes have started fading.

 Base Notes

We are looking at cedar, ambroxan, and Labdanum. These stay after a while which gives Dior Sauvage that longevity that is one common report users say.

Shape and size

Dior Sauvage has a magnetic top to it that only sticks once the magnetic fields attract each other hence that “click” sound when it locks. It comes in 100ml or 6ml depending on your preference. Its case has a nice butterfly logo to it which gives it that unique stamp of originality.


In summary Dior Sauvage has a long longevity, very attractive to the opposite sex and does not disappoint if worn during dates or evenings. It is however very basic which means once you wear it, you will get tired of it fast but after a week, you will want it back on. It gives a push and pull effect is what makes people buy it and not get tired of wearing it. It is very good for a social gathering – parties, outdoor meetings and evening getaways.


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