The Artistic Taste of Interior Design – Bohemian Chic Theme

There is something warm when one enters a room that is not shy of colors with the right kind of balance, an order in a chaotic room mixed with the simple yet well-organized furniture with bright colored pillows and a floor rug. To many, they see clutter or chaos but they will agree that it triggers the mind, a fundamental element of art itself.



To understand this style it is paramount to know where it came from. The Bohemian or commonly known as Boh is a style that originated from India and later arrived in Europe in about the 13th Century bring out the deep influence from both Indian and the Moroccan cultures.

Due to the nomadic movements that took place at that time, the Romany Gypsies were not influenced by fashion but lived independently and within their own rules hence why stood out.

Bohemian decor captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. It features creative application of rich patterns and vibrant colors, especially those with red or purple tones. The key is to carefully present a purposefully “messy” look. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambiance.

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This freedom to express oneself through endless possibilities of decorating a house/room, filling it with different types of furniture, mix matching colors and lighting to create an own unique personality is what makes Boh decor outstanding. Now, not everyone can accommodate this so if you are an individual who is orderly to the last detail, this may not work well for you.

This is particularly advisable for those interior designers who want to throw a dash of liveliness to a room without really consulting with the rightful owner because this style is usually personal where only the individual is given the room to express themselves according to what they feel is right.


Image Source: Rilane

How To Come Up With Your Own Taste?

Having looked at the effect and where Bohemian style came from, the next question of how to create your own or modify your taste is a bit tricky considering it comes from a personal trait but let us try.

First of as agreed, it has no limit and it is a style that accommodates different types of furniture unlike its counterpart designers like Mid-Century Modern and Modern Industrial. However, due to its originality, it works well with natural objects.

There are numerous different options which you can use to achieve a bright and unexpected effect. The truth is that people who live in bohemian style interiors rarely plan the design and do not burden themselves with much thought but rely on the personal taste and perception.

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  1. Color is core and choosing one base color and having other colors complement it creates the feel of the room.
  2. Furniture may go well or hand in hand with the parquet of the house. For example, an expensive parquet made of oak surrounded with a concrete white wall with beautiful ornaments on the ceiling can be matched with a very simple furniture pieces.
  3. Include antique chests and/or other antiques collected that mean a lot to you personally. The collection could be from a street artist, or a warrior spear purchased in the Maasai Mara. The list is endless, just don’t make a junk yard in your own living room!!

Furniture, however, should portray an environment of relaxation where the underlying factor here being the comfort. Deep sofas mixed with wood armchairs and a small coffee table usually does the trick.

The colorful spread of pillows – some on the floor – create a carefree yet intriguing feel to the room. This doesn’t mean to litter the room with old clothes. For that, you may need a vintage closet.

20 Inspiring Bohemian Living Room Designs

A Bohemian living room with slightly open floor plan and clean white walls with a distinctive gallery has a bold and fashionable appearance. The light brown sofa with geometrical patterns sets a specific warm and deep setting, breaking through the cold appearance of the white wall, the wicker rattan coffee table adds a breezy feel and adapts to the overall loose and easy going character of this Modern Bohemian Living Room.

In conclusion, all it takes is a little creativity and open mind to adapt to this theme. One’s taste will vary from another person’s taste but it doesn’t matter because only you find comfort in your own space. Play around with what is around and let a little chaos make that niche.



Meeting House Demand Now Possible. EPS Wall Panel Technology

EPS Panel technology or Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam is a pre-fabricated building technology that is an insulating layer of concrete or a precast concrete where the boards used to insulate are of steel metal. The technicalities of this technology outweigh the benefits and timeliness in the Kenyan economy.

According to The Report: Kenya 2016, an annual publication of the Oxford Business Group, Kenya’s housing deficit is estimated at 200,000 housing units per year.

Now to meet this number, traditional methods will be far too exhausted and consume much money and time to make commercial sense since brick and motor expenses keep rising especially once you get a budget, you will find out that at some point prices will fluctuate and go up. This inflates house expenses which are carried down to the common mwananchi (citizen).

A factory to manufacture expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels, an Italian technology that Kenya has been testing in the country’s search for a long-term solution to the biting housing shortage, is ready and is expected to be inaugurated officially next month.

Report by  FRANCIS AYIEKO, Daily Nation THURSDAY JANUARY 10 2013

These factories including others factories like, Boleyn Magic Wall Panel Limited (BMWP) in 2015 and KOTO Housing Kenya in 2016 have spanned a huge success in the Kenyan market to reach the raising demand of housing here in Kenya. Although it has taken a while for developers to come aboard, National Housing Corporation (NHC) spearheaded this initiative when it decided to unveil a KES 700M prefab factory in Mavoko back in 2014..


Cemex Holdings Limited (“CHL”) Expanded Polystyrene Sintered (EPS) Panel Factory in Ruiru town, Kenya.. 

In 2015, the National Housing Survey 2012/13 reported that a good number of professionals – architects, engineers (structural, civil etc), and quantity surveyors – advocated for the use of EPS technology (about 80%). However, a small portion of the same professionals (about 2.9%) still does not advise their clients on its usage.

Target Market

The big question is who it targets. Do you actually save as a personal home developer or does it only benefit the commercial developers? KOTO’s Head of Administration Ms Beth Kimani in a segment video shared that it benefits both in terms of time for and cost although it makes more commercial sense to commercial developers. For the home developer, she says it will take a maximum of one month, ready with keys on your hand which is quite remarkable.

Costing all depends on the size and other variables like finishes and the detail in your design so when you want, say, a three-bedroom house, it could cost around 2.7M and can even go as high as 4M depending on your preference. Now, it’s the time that you should really consider as a saving factor.

Commercially we have seen very successful apartments that have come up in Kenya’s Ongata Rongai under La Casa Luxury Apartments.

La Casa is a private development in Rongai, has leveraged on NHC’s EPS technology to bring luxurious living to Rongai. “We have made 25 per cent savings, that we have ploughed back to enhance the standard of finishes,” says David Miako, the CEO of Exquisite Homes and director of the project.

Finally, we have the biggest player in it all; the government where it announced that those who will benefit most are the Kenya Police and other government employees.

Low-cost building technologies to bridge the housing deficit

The government has come out in support of building technologies as it struggles to house its own. The recent being the Kenya Police and other government employees in various ministries and parastatals. The government is in the process of implementing an ambitious plan ofbuilding 100, 000 police houses  using cheap but ideal technologies that will cost the taxpayer Sh20 billion. Initially, the project was to cost Sh32 billion if it used ‘traditional’ building technologies, according to LandsPrincipal Secretary Aidah Munano

Read more from Article by MILLICENT MWOLOLO; Daily Nation September 2016

In conclusion, we see that material used is light meaning the cost of foundation reduced, manpower used is reduced, the material used reduced and a saving of between 20-25% of the total capital. The technology has been embraced in countries like China, Malaysia, Italy and much more so it is the time we bypass what we are used to and embrace this technology for better housing now and in the future.

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IT Software Manufacturers focusing on SMEs In Kenya Today.

What exactly lacks in this market is like chasing wind. There are so many software that any start up will be looking for a needle in a  haystack somewhere in the jungle of google search. The fall back plan is; get an excel sheet and damp what is needed there. Things will sort themselves out.

Yes we have computers but do we have the tools to automate what we do or did manually to capitalize the resource called a computer? Most start ups and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will proudly say they are digital but are they? One company that has locally built its systems to create suites relevant to the industry is Comsoft Limited.

Ask yourself a series of questions like:

  1. Does my company heavily rely on Excel sheets?
  2. Do I have to keep consolidating my invoices manually into the system?
  3. Can I get my reports when prompted or do I have to run back to records to summarize it all by myself?
  4. Do you stack files of records that steal office space?
  5. During auditing, do you manually keep searching for invoice numbers through piles of files.

Comsoft Limited As a Leading Example

Comsoft Limited is a Kenyan owned software company targeting small to medium enterprises and startup companies who want to automate their management and services. The automation enables the company to generate timely reports that assist in decision making. It was initiated in 2004 and has a team that look into the sale and after sale cycle including implementation and services to startups and small to medium busiess enterprises that purchase their systems.

The main objective is for the end user to consolidate all their records under one platform that eases their work, creating room for them to focus on strategy and maximize profits. Comsoft Solutions limited has total ownership of the product and all the intellectual property as each software product as a EULA – End User License Agreement

What Services does CS Limited offer?

CS Ltd offers value to the customer with 3 modules:

  1. Management
  2. Payroll
  3. Financials

Each module can be implemented as:

  1. A whole integrated system.
  2. A sub system.
  3. Or individual module depending on the client requirements.

The value add will come in form of training, consultancy, support, outsourcing and project management.

What products are these?

Comsoft Limited abbreviated as CS has five (5) distinct products under its portfolio which include:

  1. CS BMS – Comsoft Business Management Suite. To intergrate all your account records, client records, tax returns, employee payroll etc.
  2. CS CMS – Commonly looking into clinics and Medical care
  3. CS FMS – Catering the farms and all the records pertained in the business.
  4. CS PMS – Looking into the property Management by carefully detailing tenant details and records.
  5. CS SNL – Focusing on Savings, loans disbursed, interest generated, loan repayments portfolio and any other fees. These are all done in SACCOs.

In a nutshell, each product will provide the following:

  1. Serve as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning tool) it includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services, automate billing, expenses, general ledger modules, payrolls and cashbooks.
  2. The product streamlines operations hence increasing efficiency.
  3. User friendly graphic User Interface making it easy to setup within hours and provision of learning materials and manuals.

 Any Stakeholders involved?

There are three (3) major stakeholders that CS Limited has opened doors to and these are

  1. Resellers
  2. Agents
  3. Consultants

Each is given a different package in terms of commission per user license.


It is not expensive to invest in your company through the purchase of these systems. In fact look at them as assets necessary to smoothen operations within the organziation. These software are legit and grow with your company. Make the right decision today by visiting to book your business suite.


Cryptocurrency Block Chain and What it is.

It’s the election year here in Kenya 2017 and you can imagine the fear of rigging being pegged to whether the electronic system will work and how to work with failure hence whether or not we need a backup system. Let’s use an ideal situation here. What if there was a way out of it that relied on technology where it would record per voter’s details and all it took was a touch of a button (on your phone or gadget) and that vote was irreversible, distributed throughout all centers and outcome irreplaceable. Once clicked, that’s it!

The token only appears once on your device -during the voting period – and that token only appears once all voters who have been validated by you and I agree that my vote is valid and my neighbors vote is valid hence creating a “trust” system that counterchecks each other’s validity and those not valid are immediately red flagged by everyone in the system hence making sure that every vote is a voter who has reached the required terms (18 years and above, alive, extra), creating one big ledger account of valid voters. When the big day arrives, the tokens become active for use and voting for your preferred candidate begins immediately for that limited amount of time which is usually a whole day. This will mean there will be no IEBC or central tallying center as results will appear throughout and seen live on the tallying board. Once you click and submit your vote and the time frame is over, the token disappears until after five years.

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the revolution of the internet itself that will remove almost/or all intermediaries by creating one ledger -the block- that accounts for every transaction that has taken place in the history of that transaction between party A and party B which is distributed to all nodes who account that that transaction is correct.

At its most basic, the blockchain is global spreadsheet — an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value and importance to humankind: birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, deeds and titles of ownership, educational degrees, financial accounts, medical procedures, insurance claims, votes, transactions between smart objects, and anything else that can be expressed in code. This ledger represents the truth because mass collaboration constantly reconciles it. We will not need to trust each other in the traditional sense, because the new platform ensures integrity.

Don Tapscott is the author of 15 widely read books about the digital revolution in business and society, dating back to 1981

Nodes are  every machine connected voluntarily to the network (Internet) and are all part of the authentication process of any transaction because part of the main characteristic of a blockchain is transparency but it takes massive computing power to solve a block that pops up every ten minutes since the network that sustains the blockchain is self-aware and self-audits itself. Call it the heartbeat of the network. Miners (individuals who take up the responsibility of solving these complex mathematical problems or puzzles) then take the block that appears in the mainstream through the heartbeat of the network and since it is accessible to anyone or any miner, the first miner who solves it produces a coin or what we call the cryptocurrency of that block. The block connects to other blocks of that chain and the chain goes on and the miner gets paid well. All parties happy!!

Look at it as a distributed database as well put by Blockgeeks because blockchain technology brings people to the highest level of accountability with zero means of hacking into it.

A distributed database

Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you have a basic understanding of the blockchain.

Information held on a blockchain exists as a shared — and continually reconciled — database. This is a way of using the network that has obvious benefits. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and easily verifiable. No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt. Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its data is accessible to anyone on the internet.

In Conclusion

Internet came to connect people and share information amongst each other but at the end of it all, it really didn’t solve the problem of transparency especially in the finance industry. Surely we have seen leaps from the industrial age but yet still there are centralized systems that have not quite let go of the grip over people like finance institutions and governments.

Where jobs are becoming scarce due to the replacement of humans with technology this phenomenon has created the scarcity of wealth yet the power lies in the vast majority of the people.

Blockchain is the next internet of things breaking these chains of a centralized digital self-image. This breakage is expected to spread prosperity among so many people. What now is very expensive and time-consuming to transact or send/borrow money from one region to another will now become very affordable to the mass and not requiring a middleman to validate transactions cause it is done in the system itself.

the rest of the world doesn’t trust organizations and corporations that much — I mean Africa, India, the Eastern Europe, or Russia. It’s not about the places where people are really rich. Blockchain’s opportunities are the highest in the countries that haven’t reached that level yet.

Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum

What was once controlled by finance markets will now be owned by the people. The people will not lose their identity but the identity created by their digital image will work for them and belong to them thanks to this breaking technology of blockchain.

Online identity and reputation will be decentralized. We will own the data that belongs to us.

William Mougayar, author The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology (2016)

Once more, the swisscoin runs under this technology making it one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency since its inception in the year 2016. The benefits of investing in the swisscoin rally all depend on which side of the fence you will want to be on coming its official public opening in August 2017. The stakes are raising so be part of this revolution. One can only join through an invite and I invite you by clicking on as we take the power to control our lives digitally.



What is cryptocurrency? In a nutshell, it is referred to as digital currency. The allowed means of payment using a cashless system. Back in 2007 Mpesa was born here in Kenya which faced a lot of rejection where people were very skeptical that the system will fail and not get anywhere within a short time. So far it is one of the most accepted means of payment we have in the country which has drawn other parties in the pool that all run on the mobile platform. Those here in Kenya will attest that this is no new news but it is the easiest and most practical way of defining what digital currency is all about even though we still haven’t defined what entails cryptocurrency.

It first was created as a way of exchanging cash through a peer to peer network which was/is decentralized.

What is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know 

In a decentralized network, you don‘t have this server. So you need every single entity of the network to do this job. Every peer in the network needs to have a list with all transactions to check if future transactions are valid or an attempt to double spend.

But how can these entities keep a consensus about this records?

If the peers of the network disagree about only one single, minor balance, everything is broken. They need an absolute consensus. Usually, you take, again, a central authority to declare the correct state of balances. But how can you achieve consensus without a central authority?

Nobody did know until Satoshi emerged out of nowhere. In fact, nobody believed it was even possible.

Satoshi proved it was. His major innovation was to achieve consensus without a central authority. Cryptocurrencies are a part of this solution – the part that made the solution thrilling, fascinating and helped it to roll over the world.

Hoping there is a clearer understanding of a decentralized system which is the backbone of a cryptocurrency exchange, how then does it work? The technology of cryptography has become the backbone of the security detail behind cryptocurrency. See, above, we saw its a peer to peer network sharing meaning anyone can validate a transaction. Now, not everyone has the computing power to do this, the remaining lot are then empowered to validate every transaction from point A to point B. These lot of specified people are called miners who then release a coin.

This coin is transmitted to the receivers end and because of their effort of “mining” they get rewarded. The more they mine the fewer the coins are produced because a good cryptocurrency has a limit. This makes it “difficult” for the mining process as the miners approach the limit which means it will cost more to mine until there are no more coins left to mine. Once the coins reach a maximum level and demand grows, scarcity becomes evident which gives the mined coins more value and appreciation starts to occur. This whole digital mining and the production of coins creates what we refer to as cryptocurrency which means the currency is not controlled by governments or institutions but by people all around the world. With that definition, we can say confidently that cryptocurrency is a digital money made from code.

Cryptocurrencies are digital gold. Sound money that is secure from political influence. Money that promises to preserve and increase its value over time. Cryptocurrencies are also a fast and comfortable means of payment with a worldwide scope, and they are private and anonymous enough to serve as a means of payment for black markets and any other outlawed economic activity.

Credit goes to the very first cryptocurrency BitCoin which led to the birth of other currencies as below


Source: World Coin Index

In conclusion, cryptocurrency is here to stay. A lot of currencies come and don’t really pick as they go for a few months and go under. however, it is one and currently the only way where investors are sure that their money is not under any influence by banks and other institutions. A cryptocurrency mined stays within the current market value. Once out its out which makes it owned by the owner wherever he/she is in the world where we can say in a light note it’s like putting your money under a virtual mattress where it stays there forever just appreciating.

Soon this will be a way to trade all over the world which is an excellent platform to invest in where every merchant should allow the exchange of this currency. Next, we shall look into blockchain and what it is all about. In the mean time keep a keen eye on SWISSCOIN. The new cryptocurrency that is taking the world by a storm. More details soon but in the meantime, if you want to join the move I invite you via and I will be happy to take you through this wonderful journey.


The Industrial Furniture

After the second world war, there rose the industrial era with an increase in wealth and a rise in the middle and wealthy class which gave room for improved homes and need of comfort. This need gave birth to the industrial vintage furniture which was composed of mostly unfinished wood, exposed metal and copper


Some highlights include raw wood tables, bold metal and wood bar stools, Edison ceiling lamps, and crate shelves. Despite the bold, strong angles and rough mechanical parts, you’ll find that many of the pieces are adaptable to other interior design styles. Applying a modern twist to a nostalgic style…

Bold metal as mentioned above clearly shows the origination of these types of furniture where it was meant for office and factory setting but as we all know familiarity breeds contempt, there rose a modern industrial furniture design which when combined with a creative interior design brings forth the vintage feel once inside a house that incorporates this design. The combination of mid-century furniture makes the industrial aesthetic shine forth

What interior looks at is aspects like exposed metal beams which bring out the mechanical elements of the structure with a slight touch of earthy wood, warm and neutral colors giving a warm feel to the exposed room whose floor is a polished, concrete which could be or preferably be wood polish. The lighting embraces floor lamps and tracks lights creating the ambiance which blends all these aspects into a grand finish off as an industrial interior which is currently been embraced by many.

All those exposed structural elements would be overwhelming if not for softness-infusing décor used in industrial home design. Plush couches, scatter cushions and rugs bring visual balance by sharply contrasting with the industrial features.

Plants also bring warmth in the contemporary industrial design. When it comes to plants, the bigger the better is the formula to adopt for industrial design, otherwise they would be lost in the large space. Read more at

Due to their scarcity from the 1970’s, those whose conditions are intact still fetch some good money when they get a buyer looking to revive the look in the environment they are in. As mentioned in TRACING THE FASCINATING HISTORY OF VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE;

as long as somebody was willing to maintain and restore the furniture, vintage industrial furniture has been in demand. And, over time, the style and functional design of vintage industrial came to again be appreciated for what it was; functional and yet aesthetically pleasing.
In an ironic fashion, these pieces of furniture that were originally designed for mass-manufacturing now are limited in availability and rarely found in good shape.

In conclusion, this is not a case of archiving old metallic furniture in the name of getting the good old industrial groove back but more of a combination of art and skill, taking into consideration the detail in the room. Remember, this is more of an interior design thing that capitalizes on space and room. Additional plants preferably large ones make the entire piece worth admiring and living in. Below are 26 industrial styles one can input in your home.

Image Credit

Furniture-Mid Century Modern

Furniture business is a lucrative business worldwide that includes a variety of furniture styles that are present in almost every showroom you walk in. The only difference between those who know what classification their furniture of interest is and those that are simply window shopping is the variation of which they fall under around 8 common categories. This is the first category – Mid Century Modern furniture – which has been a dominant, staple,  interior architecture since the 1940s

The mid-1900s produced some of the most iconic pieces in modern design. It is characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes. From Saarinen, Niemeyer, Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen and beyond, the mid-century modern masters defined creative ways to use new materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum in industrial design. Its pieces are highly versatile and can complement a myriad of design styles. The furniture and decor introduced in the 1950s and 1960s were clean, sophisticated, and inclusive. Despite the passage of time, mid-century designs have remained a staple in interior architecture.  Mid-century modern furniture is easily identified by their straight, clean lines accented with smooth, curved angles. They rarely feature any fancy ornamentation or upholstery. This minimalist design commonly relies on wooden construction, but can also include fiberglass or metal. They usually only have one or two colors with no patterns. Click here for more details.

As Liana Leahy describes it clearly, there is a distinct feature mid-century modern furniture had which was/is:

  1. The shape: straight, curved angles and pointed tips on the base of the furniture(s).
  2. Only two colors or materials.


To create a balance and harmony, interior designers agree that one should mix and match mid-century modern furniture with other contemporary furniture to give the living room that warm feel. Matching furniture should go with the wood color of your choice

Mid-Century Modern Design & Decorating Guide

Selecting colors is always the first step to planning your interior, since it leads your furniture and decor selection. Mid-century colors tend to combine darker neutral tones with saturated accent colors.

Remember to follow the usual interior design color picking tip, also called the 60-30-10 rule. Your room colors should be 60% dominant base color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. Avoid picking more than 3 to 4 colors.

Locally in Kenya showrooms, like Dinku offer these types of furniture at affordable rates making room for additional items according to your interior designer’s advice or your preferable taste.

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